3 Powerful ways to build document workflows

  • 1

    Incorporate capture devices

  • 2

    Connect document management functions

  • 3

    Integrate to critical business services

What we can do for you

  • Application Developers

    Easily add powerful productivity features to web and mobile applications using familiar technologies. Simplify development and speed time to market – accomplish more with less effort.

  • Systems Integrators

    Build easily customizable solutions that meet your customers’ document management workflow needs. Reduce your deployment effort while growing your business with new services.

  • Device Manufacturers

    Make your devices available to a community of developers creating tomorrows best productivity solutions. Gain access to powerful analytics and usage data through our Device Interop program.

About SimpleECM

  • Web-friendly capture

    Integrate document or data capture directly into web applications with JavaScript to deliver the ultimate web experience – without learning device specific interfaces.

  • API integration should be simple

    Our document management services are delivered as discrete building blocks via simple REST APIs that are easy to plug into any application.

  • Workflows don’t have to be difficult

    Standardized, easily customizable workflows enable rapid integrations to business applications.

  • We manage the details for you

    We simplify development with homogenized interfaces for similar applications and devices, making it easy to add and customize.

The new face of ECM

ECM reimagined

Enterprise content management (ECM) delivers powerful benefits when it’s seamlessly woven into the applications that businesses use every day.

Maximize the value of capture

Capture is substantially more valuable at the front end of a business process, where it can deliver data to critical operational systems instead of being relegated to data archival.

Workflow solutions for the multi-cloud enterprise

Our APIs make it easy to create workflows for business processes that increasingly live in the cloud – from capture to archiving and everything in between. To learn more about the benefits and opportunities, download our Guide to Document Management Workflows.

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