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You want to build modern apps that work in a multi-cloud and mobile world. You want APIs that enable efficient workflows across applications to drive innovation in your business. We can help.

Business service APIs

SimpleECM lets you make unified REST API  calls into entire classes of business services; we handle the protocol muxing and token management.

  • Storage: store and retrieve files in the cloud storage solutions your customers already use
  • Fax: send files to fax numbers
  • Accounting: post invoices to Quickbooks and other services or automate AP invoice processing with 3-way matching
  • Customer Relationship Management: add new leads or append documents with Salesforce.com and other leading CRM systems
  • Electronic Medical Records: add patient information to EMRs
  • Human Resource Management Systems: add new employees & append employment related documents with leading HRM systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: get data into and out of leading ERPs
  • Inventory Management: recieve inventory into your inventory management system of choice - can be a POS application or an ERP system, etc.
  • Many more...

Content management APIs

Don’t waste time and resources deploying your own document management toolkits in the cloud – SimpleECM exposes these services as simple REST APIs, for rapid integration into your application.

  • Optical Character Recognition: use OCR and ICR to extract even handwritten text
  • Data extraction: pull field values from forms
  • Form recognition: recognize, categorize and extract information
  • Invoice Processing: recognize and extract data from invoices, including header, footer and line item information - all without having to define tempaltes!
  • Receipt Processing: extract data from receipts and use in expense management, accounting and other use cases
  • File conversion: convert to searchable pdf, Word doc, Excel, PowerPoint

    To try document conversion for yourself, upload an image file and convert it into a usable format of your choice. (Yes, it will turn a table into a functional Excel spreadsheet!) Give it a try!

Capture and image processing APIs

SimpleECM’s Browser Driver API removes the complexity of asynchronous communication with the low-level drivers of capture devices and exposes a standardized set of JavaScript functions.

  • Client attached capture devices: scanners, RFID devices, barcode readers, signature pads,…
  • Mobile SDK: image processing and enhancement functions
  • Multi-channel capture: PDF, fax, Excel, audio, Word, file systems…
  • Image processing: auto-crop, deskew, auto-rotate, blank page detect…
  • Media: capture forms, invoices, reciepts, business cards…
  • Many more...

    Interested in adding a specific device? Virtually any type of capture device can be added to the SimpleECM platform. Check out our growing list of device-ready partners that make it even easier to connect your customers to their documents and data.

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